Station Walk – Did Senior RBKC Councillors Lie?


The Grenfell Action Group are very concerned that our community has been lied to by Councillors Blakeman (Labour) and Coleridge (Conservative) with regards their promise to ensure the re-opening of our right-of-way along Station Walk in September 2014 on the completion of the Kensington Aldridge Academy works.

We have decided to publish a letter from the aforementioned Councillors that was widely circulated around Lancaster West in December 2012 promising that Station Walk would only be closed for a short period and  that our right-of-way would be reinstated “in perpetuity”.

Over the next few weeks the Grenfell Action Group plans to expose how our community was lied to and how a vulnerable elderly resident of Whitstable House was tricked by these two Councillors into withdrawing his opposition to the closure of Station Walk that he had previously lodged with the Secretary of State. 

 We believe that Judith Blakeman and Timothy Coleridge used their power and influence as Councillors to abuse the rights of our community with regard to the closure of Station Walk and we will be demanding an apology and the resignation of Councillor Blakeman as well as lodging an official complaint with the RBKC Council if this turns out to be the case. 
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