Earlier this summer, alarmed residents of a Salford tower block, Spruce Court, representing also the residents of other nearby high rise blocks, contacted Fuel Poverty Action asking to meet with Grenfell survivors. A meeting was subsequently arranged with members of Grenfell United.

The Grenfell community has long insisted on one legacy: no one else should suffer what they went through. They were instrumental in winning the promised £400 million to re-clad social housing, but are now forced to watch this work proceeding at a snail’s pace.

Residents of hundreds of buildings like Spruce Court continue to live with the same dangerous structures, materials and policies that destroyed so many lives and, like Grenfell residents over the years leading up to the fire, continue to be ignored.

Below is a link to an article published in The Guardian on 24th July reporting on the uncanny similarities between Grenfell and Spruce Court and the current plight of the many other affected Salford residents.

Below that is a link to a must-read document prepared by Fuel Poverty Action, detailing these similarities, which was instrumental in informing the Guardian report.

Mirror image of Grenfell Tower – Spruce Court Salford fears disaster.pdf

There are many high-rise buildings that “mirror” Grenfell Tower, as it was before the fire, and the echoes of the Grenfell disaster continue to reverberate throughout the length and breadth of the UK, even as the Grenfell Community continues its fight for justice for the many who perished on that terrible night and the many survivors who suffered a deeply traumatic and life changing experience. There is still much vital work to be done to render the UK’s high-rise blocks safe for the many thousands who have no option but to live in them. The authorities need to get a move on. There is no time for delay.

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