Focus E15 Mothers – Liberating the Carpenters Estate


On Sunday 21 September, a nearly empty council estate in Stratford, East London was turned into a children’s party venue by a group of young mothers and their supporters. The Carpenters estate, empty since Newham Council decanted most of its residents, was bathed in the sound of dance music, children’s games and impromptu speeches as people of all ages gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of Focus E15 Mothers, a campaign organised by young homeless women for decent social housing and the right to stay in London.

During the event one of the empty blocks was re-occupied/liberated by some of the protesters. It has now been opened to the public and will be run as a social centre with an evolving programme of daily events, including a free comedy gig from Josie Long. All are welcome to come and view the house and engage in discussions about how to address the housing crisis.

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