An Act Of Pure Vandalism

trees02Several weeks ago the KALC contractors, Leadbitters, fenced off the academy site for “enabling works” and more recently they began ripping up the ground inside the fenced area with heavy machinery.

However, during the past week they have also destroyed most of the trees on the grassy mound adjacent to Grenfell Tower which is outside that fenced-off site. This is the only area left as playspace for the children of Grenfell Tower, and there is no reason to destroy these trees at this early stage of the development as they are not in an area associated with the construction of either the academy or the leisure centre.

One might have imagined that they could have left these trees alone until the final stages of the project, a year or more hence, when the building construction is nearing completion, and they could then turn their attention to landscaping the lawns etc that they are planning in front of the new leisure centre.

Needlessly destroying all these trees at such an early stage is an act of pure vandalism and a direct attack on the residents of Lancaster West, and especially on the children of Grenfell Tower.
Below is the text of an email we sent to Councillor Coleridge on 13th December:

Dear Councillor Coleridge,

We are still waiting for an answer to our email dated Monday 10th December.

Meanwhile, almost every tree on our Estate has now been slaughtered. It is truly heartbreaking to witness, and those responsible for this carnage, and the destruction of our community, should hang their heads in deep shame. The Council have murdered nature and beauty and have left us to live in a concrete wasteland.

According to the Grenfell Action Group’s enquiries the Council do not have permission from the Mayor to proceed with these works as the Mayor’s Office has not granted Stage One and Stage Two approval as yet.

Please can you explain why the Council are abusing the democratic process by cutting down our trees and committing other acts of vandalism without awaiting approval from the GLA?

How will the contractor replace these trees if the Mayor decides to “call in” KALC and review or reverse the Council’s planning permission?

Please answer this email asap.

Grenfell Action Group

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