KAA-The lights are on but no-one is in!

As the Kensington Aldridge Academy slowly potters towards completion, residents on Lancaster West Estate are increasingly being pushed to breaking point by the constant onslaught of noise and dust pollution caused by insensitive and uncaring building contractors.

It seems not to matter whether it is the weekend, early in the morning or late at night that the sound of a construction worker’s drill or angle-grinder is never far away and our community has had to sacrifice our right to live in a “peaceful tenancy” without so much as any advance warning or subsequent apology from the perpetrators, Bouygues/Leadbitter.


The latest assault on the tenants and leaseholders of Grenfell Tower has come in the form of a barrage of light pollution driven by a seeming desire for the Kensington Aldridge Academy to stamp their authority over our beleaguered community by keeping every light in every room on the campus burning throughout the night.

We wonder why it has not occurred to our new neighbour that residents on our Estate have an expectation that they should be able to go to their beds at night-time without having to endure the glare of the Academy’s ferocious light pollution penetrating into our homes 24/7!!!

In addition, we shudder to think what this may actually be costing in terms of wasted fuel bills and with the Academy looking to make savings to ensure that all staff members are able to receive the London Living Wage this profligate behaviour begins to look highly irresponsible.

Perhaps, more importantly, the Grenfell Action Group believe that this total disregard for thinking green and conserving electricity sets a very poor example for the pupils attending the Academy and sends a message that the Kensington Aldridge Academy has complete disdain for the issue of climate change and protecting the future of our world.

So, please, please KAA do the decent thing and turn off the lights at night before any more damage is caused to our fragile planet and even more fragile community relations.

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