Grenfell Action Group Demands New KCTMO Investigation


The Grenfell Action Group has a clear message for members of ‘West London Citizens’ who have recently parachuted themselves into meddling with North Kensington’s housing issues.

Viewed from Lancaster West Estate, and from the perspective of the Grenfell Action Group, ‘West London Citizens’ appears at best as an assortment of mere cultural tourists, and at worst as cynical and self-interested opportunists. If they want to change this impression then they need to change their actions and abandon their cosy relationship with RBKC and the Kensington TMO.  If they really want to help the communities living in KCTMO properties then they should demand that the RBKC immediately commission an independent investigation into the KCTMO, similar to the devastating Memoli Investigation, and the resulting report published in 2009, that highlighted the many abuses and failings of the KCTMO at that time.

The Grenfell Action Group believes that this course of action is the only way that the negligence, incompetence and systemic failings of the KCTMO can be exposed and meaningful change brought about. Many local residents believe that the TMO is little better than a mini-mafia  which treats its residents with contempt and never misses an opportunity to bully, intimidate, disrespect and belittle them. Complaining or mounting resistance to this dysfunctional organisation is futile as the TMO seems completely unable or unwilling to respond sympathetically to the legitimate concerns of residents.

Complaints are often sidetracked, ignored or simply responded to with brazen lies and falsehoods. KCTMO staff are frequently just plain rude and unhelpful and any individual who risks putting their head above the parapet to expose wrongdoings or shortcomings can expect malicious persecution by those in power within the KCTMO.

The Memoli Report highlighted a similar range of unacceptable practices and behaviour in 2009 and many local residents believe that the TMO failed to improve significantly following the Memoli scandal and has since reverted completely to type. Most of the failings identified by Memoli are as prevalent today as they were when the original report was published. This treatment of residents by the KCTMO is totally unacceptable and the Grenfell Action Group is demanding change.

We urge our readers to examine the contents of the Memoli Report and then approach  local Resident Associations, local councillors, or your local MP, urging them to pressurise the RBKC to launch another independent investigation into how the KCTMO operates today and to explain why they have failed so dismally to respond to the recommendations made by Memoli in 2009.

It is a shame that we ourselves cannot approach RBKC directly to demand a new and fully independent investigation into the TMO, but it is a well known fact that both RBKC and the TMO are extremely hostile to the Grenfell Action Group and are highly unlikely to respond positively to any approach from us. It is also well known that collusion between RBKC and the KCTMO is endemic and ongoing and has led directly to the long-term managed decline of many social housing estates in North Kensington.

The Grenfell Action Group believes that the RBKC will have no appetite to ruffle the feathers of their co-conspirators in the social cleansing of North Kensington, and as the sordid and protracted undermining, disempowerment and ultimate dissolution of Lancaster West EMB proved, the RBKC and KCTMO are as thick as thieves.

We are therefore calling for an open and independent investigation into the conduct of the KCTMO, and we strongly urge all local resident groups  to join us in this call. We also call on ‘West London Citizens’ to support this campaign. They certainly appear to have more power and influence than any local resident groups have in the corridors of power at Hornton Street, and if they have any integrity they should use that influence to help bring real benefit to local communities by using their voice to demand that justice is served on this issue.

We believe that justice can only be served by an open and independent investigation into the continued failings of the KCTMO and we strongly urge all local residents associations and other local action groups – including ‘West London Citizens’ – to support us in demanding this essential investigation.

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