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Brent Housing Action and Housing4All will be co-hosting a NorthWest London Radical Housing Network meeting on Tuesday June 3rd. The meeting will start at 7pm at Brent Trades Hall Club (aka Apollo Club), 375 High Road, Willesden NW10 2JR. Nearest tube is Willesden Green or Dollis Hill ( both Jubilee Line). The Apollo Club is a two minute walk from Willesden Bus garage.

From Tuesday 3rd June, activists from Brent Housing Action and Housing4All (formerly the Counihan-Sanchez Housing Campaign) would like to open their regular bi-monthly meeting to all those concerned with housing and related welfare issues in NW London. This is to build upon the links made during the Inequality Bus Tour of 26/4/14, to bring in new activists looking to form groups that have contacted the Radical Housing Network since that weekend, and to compare ideas on how we should continue the struggle against the triple whammy of market-rent “affordable” housing, regeneration/gentrification projects and welfare state reforms.

Ideally each housing group will give a brief outline of their campaign (5 minutes approximately). The agenda could include the following:

  • How can NW London best support its various Housing Action Groups? (Anti-eviction teams/ duplication of Intel etc.):
  • MIPIM – the international land sales/housing conference- comes to Earls Court in October: joint protests?
  • Interaction with European/National/London Housing Networks?
  • Future Priorities

Invited groups include: Housing4All (co-host), Brent Housing Action (co-host), Radical Housing Network (co-host), Jubilee Sports Centre Campaign , Barnet Housing Action, Our West Hendon, Kilburn Unemployed Workers Group, Unite Community, Stable Way Residents Association, Save Earls Court, Gibbs Green, Sutton Estate, Grenfell Action Group, Advice4Renters.

Our enemies are united and well organised. To have any hope of success in opposing them we also must be united and well organised. This is not the time for complacency, defeatism or procrastination. If you care about your community please heed this warning.  Join us now in organising to defend our homes against these powerful forces which are ranged against us.


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