The Grenfell Action Group first wrote to Edward George (Senior Planner) at RBKC Council on 4th July following the actions of the Grenfell Tower improvement works contractor, Rydons, in cutting down a tree that we believe was protected by planning legislation and to question why no alternative route had been provided for the disabled after the removal of additional “rights of way” across Lancaster West Estate.

Edward George has been fairly good at getting back to us with queries in the past but, for some reason, he decided not to reply to the legitimate questions that we posed to him in on this occasion. So, we decided to write to him again on 14th July and we publish this email below in full:

From: ***********
Sent: 14 July 2014 08:36:46
To: edward.george@rbkc.gov.uk

Dear Mr George,

You may be interested in reading the latest Grenfell Action Group blog that highlights some of the points that I have outlined to you in my email dated Friday 4th July.


Following publication of this blog and your receipt of the aforementioned email, please can you answer the following legitimate questions for our community without further delay:

Please confirm and provide an explanation as to why Rydons have cut down a tree to the West of Grenfell Tower that we believe was protected by the Grenfell Tower improvement works planning permission?

Please can you confirm that Leadbitters construction workers should not be working outside the hours of 8.00am to 6.00pm and 8.00am to 1.00pm on Saturdays? Please can you inform our community what action we should take and to who we should report any abuses of these “working hours” regulations? Attempts to bring these matters up with the constructor have just ended in humiliation for members of our community.

Please can you inform the Grenfell Action Group if the RBKC Council have returned to the Secretary of State in order to obtain an extension to keep Station Walk and other “rights of way” around Lancaster West closed? Please provide some evidence that the appropriate permission has been obtained?

Please confirm that Rydons have followed the proper procedure to remove “rights of way” around Grenfell Tower and explain what action they took to carry out these closures (advertising in local paper, notices on lamp-posts, etc)?

Please can you explain why planning regulations/disability legislation seems to be broken as Rydons have completely failed to provide an alternative route for the disabled, mothers with pushchairs, our community elders, the infirm, etc following the closure of Station Walk and other rights of way around Grenfell Tower? Do the RBKC Planning Dept. believe it is acceptable for vulnerable members of our community to be forced on a half to three-quarter of a mile hike just to reach Bramley Road?

Thank you for your assistance with providing answers to the above questions,
Grenfell Action Group

It really would be a new low for the Rotten Borough if the RBKC Planning Dept. was seen to be colluding with the TMO and their latest contractors, Rydons, to facilitate the circumvention of planning Law. Our community deserves answers to the legitimate questions we have posed and we will not settle for Edward George’s fob off!

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