Video Interview – The Housing Crisis in RBKC


The link below connects to a u-tube video interview produced recently by the ‘Westway23’ action group, who have been battling plans by the Westway Trust to cash in by redeveloping and selling off much of the property under the westway flyover which has hitherto housed a variety of community resources, including the Maxilla Childrens Centre and the Westway Stables.

The interview features our own Edward Daffarn, of the Grenfell Action Group, who exposes in detail the dynamics of the current housing crisis in RBKC, particulary the ‘regeneration’ of the social housing estates of North Kensington, and how they connect to the proposed sell-off and redevelopment of the Ladbroke Grove Library, the Isaac Newton Centre and the 23 Acres supposedly held in trust for the community by the now notorious profiteers and turncoats of the Westway Trust.


The Trust held its AGM recently which appears to have been a very lively and interesting affair. Many angry local residents attended, prominent among whom were Westway23 activists, and most were calling for a serious rethink of the development plans for the Westway area, and giving the Trust leadership a very hard time. You can read about this in more detail on the Hornet’s Nest blog at the following link:

We would also strongly recommend another recent post on the Hornet site supporting a recent blog by the Grenfell Action Group which called for a thorough new independent investigation of the KCTMO. That particular post on the Hornet site has so far attracted more than 160 comments, almost exclusively supportive of the position taken by GAG, and indicating a widespread and deep dissatisfaction with the TMO throughout the entire Rotten Borough:

Although the Hornet’s Nest blog is based in the south of the borough, and its readership tends to reflect grassroots local tory opinion, the editors of the blog have been strongly supportive of the left wing Grenfell Action Group and, more recently of the Westway23 movement, and we would recommend the Hornet to any of our readers or supporters.

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